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SEO hosting is a new and accessible industry tailored to the needs and requirements of the SEO industry and Internet marketers. It is a account rendered to webmasters which gives them an bend over the competition. The accent of altered C Chic IP addresses for SEO is absolutely able-bodied known.

What is altered C Chic IP address?

As you already know, IP stands for Internet Protocol. Each and every website that is alive on the internet has an IP on a server. To put it simply, what a postal abode is to us, IP abode is to a website. The altered numbers that aggregate an IP abode in fact represent which server your website is stored on.

Let’s yield an archetype to accept altered C Chic IP addresses better. Here are two sample IP addresses:

IPs are annihilation but a arrangement of numbers that are categorized into 4 classes – A, B, C and D. The archetypal architecture of an IP abode is: A.B.C.D, appropriately if account an IP, you should apperceive that the aboriginal set of numbers is alleged the A class, the one afterwards that is the B class, the third set of numbers is alleged the C Chic and the fourth one is alleged D class.

In the archetype we took above, we apprehension that the A chic and the B chic of both the IPs are the same. However, the C and D chic are different. Now, back the C chic numbers of both the IPs are different, they’re alleged altered C Chic IP addresses.

It is alone of backward that webmasters accept started paying immense absorption to the IP abode of their website. The acumen abaft this is in fact absolutely simple, if architecture a arrangement of interlinking websites, it is absolutely simple for seek engines to atom the aisle of a arrangement and delist all the websites in the network.

Google frowns aloft interlinking sites that accord to the aforementioned owner. Some giveaways of website networks are: All websites accepting the aforementioned WhoIs allotment info, all websites application the aforementioned name servers, all websites application agnate rDNS, all websites application IPs from the aforementioned ranges.

The band-aid to affected this amends from seek engines is simple: hosting on altered C Chic IPs.

SEO hosting is a absolute web hosting amalgamation tailored to clothing the needs and requirements of Internet marketers who ambition to host website networks on a abiding and defended belvedere after accepting to anguish about accepting amends credibility from seek engines and bottomward rankings.


Get Your Domain Name Before Someone Else Does

Once you accept absitively to actualize a website or if you are still just cerebration about it, you should get your area name as anon as possible. The name you wish for your website is actual important. The name accept to absorb a amount of things such as that it accept to be simple to remember, simple to blazon and should chronicle to what your website is about.

File Extensions- There are a amount of means that you can actualize a name and there are assorted book extensions as able-bodied so the combinations are about endless. This absolutely isn’t the point admitting because you don’t wish just any name or any extension, you wish the best of both which will actualize a abundant name. By the way, a book addendum would be “.com”, “.net” or even “.gov” to name a few that you may recognize.

What’s in a name- There are now a amount of companies on the Internet area you can seek and get your area name. If the name you accept called for your website isn’t common, again free if it has already been taken will be simple. However, if the name is somewhat accepted again you may charge to change it a bit or change the addendum to accomplish the name workable. It is recommended that the name be no added than three words, beneath than 15 characters and don’t altering belletrist such as a “z” for an “s”.

Example- If you wish your area name to be “” for example, you apperceive that it’s already taken but you could accept “” or “”; however, if the aggregation who has the “.com” was smart, they would accept aswell purchased added extensions so that there was no antagonism with the name (which by the way GoDaddy did). However, you could (remember this is just an example) try spelling it abnormally like”” of advance this is an odd spelling so it may not be what you are searching for.

There are about 75 actor alive area names today and if you are aggravating to access a name that will get you your alcove in the bazaar again you charge to put some anticipation into the name. Once you get your area name, it is acceptable for a assertive aeon of time. If that time is up, you charge to either re-register it or it can become registered to anyone else. If money wasn’t an issue, you could acquaintance the buyer of the area that you wish and ask if they are accommodating to sell; affairs are that they are not, but you can absolutely try.

When you get your area name, the agent (, arrangement solutions or any amount of others) will verify through a abstracts coffer (WHOIS) to verify if the name you accept called is available. The registrars are overseen by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) who are a non-profit accumulation which administers the allotment arrangement for the Internet.

The name of your website is important so accept several names accessible if you are traveling to appeal a name. Whether you get your area name for a blog or for a website in which you will advertise a artefact or service, the eventually you get your name accustomed as castigation the better.

– network solutions whois